October 20, 2021

What Makes A Good Marriage Good

What Makes A Good Marriage Good

What Makes A Good Marriage Good

Most people enter marriage in a good mood. They know very well what they are getting into and accept it with an open heart. While it can be said that there is a lot of hype in marriages, especially in the days leading up to the wedding day, it can be difficult to maintain that momentum.

There are many sad stories about marriages that fell apart because they couldn’t live the life they envisioned for each other. But not every day can be a honeymoon. While there are good marriages, there are also partners who eventually lose their desire.

Without questioning the devotion and love that one partner feels for the other and vice versa, a couple can sometimes find their marriage monotonous and drab.


1. A good marriage should always be stimulating for both parties involved and lead to looking forward to the next day with the other. It should provide a union that does not erase one’s individuality.


2. Good marriages don’t just happen, it’s not just about love, devotion and compatibility. Both husband and wife should work hard to have a good marriage and keep it that way.


Some tips for a good marriage


1. Be spontaneous and have different interests

It is always good to keep the other person guessing. Don’t have a predictable marriage because that would make the union boring. Have different interests that you can share with your partner.


2. Be adventurous in the bedroom

Your s*x life should be more than satisfying. Experimentation is not a bad idea. Make your bedtime stories something that each of you always looks forward to. Don’t be critical of each other when you make love. Learn to appreciate and communicate.


3. Never forget to have fun

Be as a child to each other, remember the good times when you were together, try to impress each other and don’t take each other for granted.

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