October 20, 2021

Types Of Teeth Whitening

Types Of Teeth Whitening

Types Of Teeth Whitening

Whiter teeth are an important topic in the health and beauty industry. You would never see a model or celebrity with yellow or discoloured teeth. Let’s face it, whiter teeth give you confidence. There are several ways for the average person to get a whiter and brighter smile. Here are the most popular Types Of Teeth Whitening.


1. Teeth whitening at the dentist

We start at the most expensive end of the spectrum with professional teeth whitening at the dentist’s office. Most dentists use a carbamide peroxide in the form of a gel and provide custom dental trays that are shaped by plaster impressions of your teeth. These trays reduce the risk of whitening lines because they are custom made for you. In contrast, most home whitening kits contain the same carbamide peroxide, just not the custom-fitted tray. Dentists charge up to $600 for this treatment, mainly to cover the time and office costs.


2. Whitening gels for home use

At a much cheaper price, we can get whiter teeth in the comfort of our own homes with the help of home whitening kits. Most of these kits contain the same carbamide peroxide formula as the dentist’s or possibly an even stronger formula. Another advantage of whitening at home is the price. You don’t pay a dentist or their staff, so you’ll pay hundreds less than you would at a dental office. Some high-quality kits even cost as little as $39! The only real downside to a home kit is the quality of the dental tray, as it is usually a boil and bite mouthpiece. You may find them a little less comfortable than their dental office counterpart.


3. Whitening strips

The results of whitening strips are usually less good than desired. Big and lesser-known brands have been known to disappoint, showing little effect over the course of a month. The problem is that most pharmaceutical backed companies are looking for a way to make a recurring profit with their consumers. Therefore, they keep a weaker product on the shelves to keep you coming back until the desired results are achieved. In some cases, this can take months or years.


4. Whitening toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste seems to have little or no effectiveness. I myself recently tested a popular toothpaste brand known for its supposed whitening effects. In doing so, I found that at most, only one line of pastes contains a mild active ingredient, and you have to brush your teeth for an hour to get a noticeable result over a month. Whitening toothpaste seems to be a marketing ploy to sell more because we are so eager for improvement.




The real competitors in this field are Dental and At-home whitening kits. They will give you the results you want in no time. With at-home whitening kits, you can save hundreds of dollars and enjoy the peace and quiet of your own home…. and no scary dental offices.


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