November 27, 2021

MARRIAGE: 10 Best Marriage Advice for Couples

marriage advice - teachdeworld

marriage advice - teachdeworld

marriage advice - teachdeworld

In marriage, bringing your vows to life day after day is an ongoing task, and there’s zero shame in needing expert marriage advice to keep your love story thriving for the long haul.

The time just after you get married is prime time to start laying the foundations for the rest of your marriage. The actions you take and the decisions you make at the early stage of your marriage will influence how your marriage progresses.

By paying attention to some practical matters and building good habits together, you’re helping ensure a long and happy married life.

Whether you’re thinking about getting engaged, recently married, or celebrating another sweet anniversary, this timeless advice is bound to resonate.

1. The Quality (Not Quantity) of Your Sex Life Is What Counts:

For anyone who’s ever Googled how much sex they should be having in their relationship, it’s time to release yourself from arbitrary math equations! “Long gone are the days of thinking if you are having sex with your partner X amount of times a week, your marriage is solid or on the rocks,” says Facio. “Completely false.” She goes on to add, “If healthy intimacy is happening half the time in your relationship, i.e. cuddling, flirting, playing, sharing, supporting, challenging, exploring and you’re having sex—then you are better off than half the couples on the planet.”


2. Sort out your budget:

Money causes problems in many a marriage. It’s a contentious topic and one that can quickly descend into fighting. The early stage of marriage is the  ideal time to sort out your budget. Agree on it and set it now, and you’ll be off to a great start with money before issues have the chance to creep in. You might have quite different money styles, so it’s important to find a compromise you’re both happy with.


3. Plan for emergencies:

There are tons of good advice for couples out there, but this one among the rest is most important to adhere to. Emergencies can happen at any stage of marriage. Planning for them isn’t being a doom monger – it’s simply being sensible and making sure you don’t get taken by surprise.

Make a realistic list of what could arise, such as unemployment, illness, even a leaking appliance or lost bank card, and devise a plan for how you’ll deal with each eventuality.


4. Get to know each other the more:

The chances are that if you just got married or has been married for years you already know each other rather well. There’s always more to learn, though. When married newly, it’s great time for long walks or lazy Sunday afternoons relaxing together and talking about anything and everything.

Get to know each other even better so you understand what the other needs, what they dream of, and where you fit into that.


5. Set some long term goals:

Long term goals promote teamwork and give you a sense of where your marriage is going and what your future might look like. Setting and then checking in about goals together is fun and exciting, and gives you a sense of shared achievement.

Your goal can be anything you’re both enthusiastic about, whether it’s meeting a savings goal or building your own house, it can be just anything.


6. Start the date night habit:

You’d be amazed at how newly wedded couples or even long time married couples can become like housemates. As life gets busier, promotions arise, kids come along, or family issues rear their head, it’s so easy to let quality time together slip. Start the date night habit now: Set aside one night a week where it’s just the two of you with no kids, friends, TV, or phones.

This is one of the most crucial marriage tips that married couples must abide by; it will definitely make a difference in your relationship.


7. Their Family Is Your Family:

When you marry someone, you’re also committing yourself to their entire family. Nothing separates a partnership faster than feeling like your spouse hates your family. You should, however, keep a healthy distance as necessary. This doesn’t mean you can’t have limited hang time with them and strong boundaries, but remember they are still family, they made your partner, and they aren’t going anywhere.”


8. Make memories together:

As the years go by, a store of beautiful memories is a blessing for both of you. keep your phone handy, so you can always snap photos of big and small occasions.

Keep ticket stubs, souvenirs, love notes and cards from each other. You can even get into the scrapbooking habit, if crafts are your thing, or keep a digital archive of your favorite shared moments to look back on in years to come.


9.  Practice healthy communication:

Healthy communication is a good foundation for any marriage. Practice healthy communication now, and your marriage will stay strong as the years go by. Learn how to listen to each other with compassion, and approach difficulties together as a team rather than as combatants. Practice speaking kindly, and taking responsibility for your feelings, and the way you express them.


10. Have some adventures while you can:

No matter how long or how short you’ve been married, one thing is for sure – there’s a good chance life has a few surprises in store for you yet. Why not take this chance to have some adventures. Try something new, go somewhere new, or eat somewhere new to add variety and fun to every day.

These 10 marital advice for couples will surely make your marriage life blissful.


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