October 20, 2021

How To Get Exactly What You Want

How To Get Exactly What You Want

How To Get Exactly What You Want

If you have a big goal you want to achieve, there are at least five things you need to clear up before you can really tackle it.


1. You must have the belief that you can achieve your goal

This is an important point. Most people find it much easier to believe that something is “possible” than to believe that it is “possible for them”. They don’t fully believe that they are capable of achieving a goal because they lack something – the time, the talent, the resources, whatever. They have an unwritten expectation that they won’t be one of the people who “have what it takes.”

That’s a bunch of nonsense. If you believe that, even a little bit, it will seriously affect your ability to act. You will never give 100% and keep at it until the task is done. If this is true of you, you need to fix it first. (Stay tuned for an upcoming article on how to do just that. I’ll link it here when it’s done).


2. You must have the belief that you will close the resource gap, no matter how big it is

This point is also very important. It’s easy to look at a big goal and feel like the gap between it and you are too big. After all, how can you compete with the biggest successes in the world that are already established? You can find out by studying the people who do it every day, like skinny broke college kid Michael Dell, who took on IBM and Hewlett-Packard (and is still winning). By the time you read this in a few years, a hundred other stories like his will have come and gone.

You have to, you have to, you have to believe that any resource gap can be closed. Lack of time, lack of money, lack of manpower, lack of connections …. all this does not matter, because there are a number of creative solutions that you will find to overcome all this.

If you don’t believe that the resource gap can be closed, then it won’t because you won’t put all your effort into making it happen. But if you have an expectation that the gap will eventually be closed, guess what? (Stay tuned for an upcoming article on how to do just that. I’ll link it here when it’s ready).


3. You must have the belief that you will find a solution to every problem that will inevitably come your way

You can’t guarantee a problem-free life. But you can guarantee that you will see a “problem” as an opportunity, so that the challenge will not drain you, but energize you. Think about it and decide how you will achieve this shift in thinking. (In the meantime, you can bookmark this post and check back later to find a link to an article about how you can do this).


4. You must have the expectation that every action you take is important

This is critical. If you think an action won’t matter in the long run, you just won’t do it. But if you realize that the actions are piling up – that the pyramids are being built brick by brick and that each one matters – then you’ll be willing to act even when you don’t feel like it and your heart isn’t in it.

Remember: everything you do is important. If you don’t think it’s important, then you need to change that, too. Stay tuned for an article on this topic.


5. You must believe that you can speed up the process of achieving your goals

This one is my favourite. As you improve the discipline to consistently follow through and take action, you’ll want to find new forms of leverage to make the path to completion much shorter. That’s what “Million Dollar Leverage” is all about.

If you maintain a firm belief that you can leverage all of your resources, you’ll subconsciously look for ways to do so, and as a result, you’ll find a lot more of them. And that will get you to your goal faster. Much faster.


I hope I’ve been able to convince you of the power of expectation to get what you want – to strike oil, whatever that means for you. If not, read this article again and again until you internalize it. And then put your expectations to the test and align them properly. It’s a bit of work, but if you do it, you’ll see better results than ever before in much less time than you might imagine (unless you expect to see results right away.

So pick up a pen and paper and put your expectations in writing so you can embed them in your brain and use them to your advantage. Do it now – you will thank yourself for it.

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