October 20, 2021

How To Be Focused And Productive In Life by Olaloye Adeyemi





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The word life is elastic and nebulous in nature, different challenges, sides and hurdles in which numerous people come across can only give rise to it’s meaning by gathering their views or looking into various challenges encountered by the people then coined together for a perfect definition/ meaning which could bring limelight to the subject of the day.

It is to be noted that only successful scholars in life can give radiations to the perfect meaning of life.  A failure can’t derive definition/ meaning from what has never produce him success. A successful man has the most powerful weapon with him which is the ability to resist failure.

Life is an umbrella of problem, challenges, difficulties, anxieties, depression, hurdles, tribulations and turbulence at the initial stage which serves as an hinderance to the world beauty if not overcomed. (Yhemi_bass 2021). Life is a congregation of competition and welfare.

If you are not fighting a war you are nothing. The moment you fight you become something. The more you are blessed the greater your enemies attract.

The above definition/ meaning of life can only be activated if the above is fully overcomed.




Driving into this aspect doesn’t requires the use of steering if no fuel is available for locomotion. You can never be focus if you are not ready to focus. Remembering what scholars says on being focus can shed more light.

“No matter what environment human are in, survival depends on being able to focus  on what’s important—generally what’s moving”



Being focus depict the ability to neglect side distractions and head actively to the destination of the bus. To be focus in life is accepting to be a well trained driver who cares about others in embryo looking forward to your destination before autographing you as their mentor is highly germaine and fundamental.

Don’t forget “The person who doesn’t pay attention to details will not amount to anything in life.” (G.O Agelebe)


The below steps to being focus will sure serve as guidelines for perfection.


  1. CLEARER VISION : A bad eye can never see good things clearly if not changed or given the needed treatment for clarity, being focus is tantamount to having clearer vision.

There’s no way focus can be achieved if the instrument needed is found wanting. Physically speaking not all that are blind don’t have a clearer vision but having a clearer vision means the ability to recognize and identify opportunities, for life focus, clarity is essential since it is needed for recognition.


  1. GET A TO_DO_LIST: Being focus requires a set of activities already prepared that could guide the subject. Lack of to do list would only make the subject accept any type of activities that comes his or her way and will surely mar the ability of being able to focus. The availability of the list gives you direction on where to go, what to do, what not to do and best time to do it. Best result can only be achieved when you are focus and the second step will strengthens your success.

It is highly imperative to note that the above 2 steps to being focus will give rise to being productive i.e no one can be productive without being focus.




The knowledge in productivity is not restricted to daily activities but in extension to psychological, social and intellectual aspect.

Productivity in the general aspect is the positive outcome gotten from the efforts inputted in being creative in an expected result.

The psychology view of productivity is the mental ability of an individual or team to be able to deliver as expected by being time conscious.

Productivity in a social view is the act of influencing people socially through positive behaviors/ activities that could promote the society.

The ability to deliver as expected/ when expected through lessons influential to enlightens the brain of others brings out productivity in this aspect.




To be productive the following steps must be strictly followed for a successful result.


  1. DEFINE YOURSELF: Ask yourself this first question. Who am I? Are you the lazy type, weary type, energetic type, persuasive type, vibrant type or the desperate type. The answers gotten from this questions will determine if you can be productive in life or not.

Bringing into clearer picture is what Etmon Kuty said “No matter what you know, until you know yourself, your knowledge is a waste”


  1. HAVE A PLAN: For easy access/ achievement on anything in life to have a plan is very imperative; a plan is always sequential in nature choosing the ascendical pattern. A plan will never start from a descending order since one can’t finish what he or she hasn’t started but need to start before ending. A plan gives you insight on what to do first and how it should be done before achievement can be boldly printed.


  1. FINANCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS: A sincere candidates towards productivity must be conscious on how money is being handled. Without deviation the word of Yhemi_Bass; “He who have a plan/ focus doesn’t spend anyhow.” In his book titled (WHY THE PREFIX?) can never be isolated at this end. To be productive in life consciousness must be place on money spending by considering the available plan/ task ahead.


  1. BUSINESS CONFIDENTIALITY: To be productive equals being successful on something. A person carrying out some business or normal activities that requires getting a result must be secretive on disclosing some information that may affect his or her production/ productivity. A saying buttressing my point; Don’t tell anyone your dream but show them your result has did justice to the above step.


  1. START NOW: Procrastination is a waste of time and only what you start can have a result, you don’t get result from what you’ve not started, don’t be lazy to do the needful but be eager to achieve result. It may be small (I mean what you are starting) but don’t forget small thing always end up becoming big. Start from somewhere now!


  1. BE DISCIPLINE: He who is disciplined always end up becoming best in achievable things. Only the discipline type are always embedded with the right knowledge/ instrument needed to achieve result. Never be ignorant that being humble, loyal, respectful and of good characters brings a faster lane in production.


  1. PRAY: You don’t have to throw away a key because is no longer opening or loose patient by breaking the door, don’t forget the key will no longer open the door again and you have to get a new door thus incurring high expenses to get the open space covered.

Constant prayer remains the general overseer to the above steps for being productive.


Never be in regret you are in life, you can remain focus and be productive in life by doing exceptional things, remember you become strong the day you start eating with your enemies and nothing happens to you.


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