October 20, 2021


Most students aim for success as they progress in their chosen field of study in education, no one wants to settle for the least in their academic pursuit, well, some people end up settling for the least or maybe an average, but that is dependent on their approach.

From nursery to primary to secondary and higher institution, the need to graduate with good grades is important…

However, not everyone can attain this goal, some students at some point begin to lose focus which in turn affects their grades in school…

If you must attain the grounds of having good grades in your chosen field of study, then you might have to consider doing the following



It’s important to set priorities so that you don’t get pulled in many directions, prioritizing helps keep your head cool and steady and helps you handle task one at a time

Remind yourself continuously why studying and achieving this qualification is important to you, when you do that, then placing your education on top of the list won’t be a problem.

Know when to begin studying and make sure nothing interferes with your studies, allocate time to each course and be sure to follow up.


Determination is essential for success, before beginning the whole process you must first be determined to carry on and pull through to the end relentlessly.

Determination is a great motivating force, it is important because it helps you persist in the face of difficulties…

The idea is this; stay focused on the goal, create paths that can lead you to that goal, fix your mind on achieving that goal no matter what, then you can rest assured you will indeed achieve it.


The feeling you get when you read ahead of your colleagues can be very satisfying, no doubt about that…

Imagine being able to cover a whole scheme of work for the semester, before the commencement of the examination.

This means you certainly will get to understand a given course better and will not lack answers to provide during the examination.

This is not magic, to attain this, you will have to read ahead so you can get enough time to cover the provided scheme for the semester if possible.


It is okay to follow the steps outlined in this article, but without being consistent, you might just have to forget starting then.

Consistency is key if you must improve and maintain good grades, consistency matters because little actions taken over time and continuously really counts, it becomes a part of you as you keep progressing.

One of the ways to remain consistent is to allocate the right amount of time to your studies over a long period…

When you consistently work towards getting a good result in the right way, then you can expect a positive outcome.



Procrastination is one of the major causes of failure, it is an enemy you must consistently fight to overcome.

When you bask in the euphoria of I will do it later, then you can expect not to do anything later because you certainly will keep pushing what you have to do to ‘later’.

This attitude is no good for your reputation as a student and as one who intends to make good grades in school.

If you intend to attain good grades, then do away with procrastination, do what you have to do at a given time, and don’t push it for later.


Little successes count, but when you stage it as a major accomplishment and lose focus on the need to succeed more, then it can become a problem.

Always aim for more and the best, don’t be blinded by the fact that you have a major success to fall back on, just keep striving for more.

Keep more success coming and do not let it stop you from achieving more.