October 20, 2021

Can Depression Be A Sign Of Something More

Can Depression Be A Sign Of Something More

Can Depression Be A Sign Of Something More

Have you taken more than one antidepressant but still feel depressed? Are you frustrated because your depression keeps coming back? You are not alone. Many people are first told they have depression or anxiety, when in fact they have another illness. One in two of these people are first told they have depression, and one in four are told they have anxiety.


Why does your depression keep coming back?

There are a number of reasons why symptoms of depression may persist despite taking medication. One of these reasons may be that patients do not always remember to tell their doctors about all the symptoms they are suffering from. For example, patients talk to their doctors when they feel down or depressed and are looking for relief. They may not talk about the times when they felt really good or energetic. Rather, patients often think of these times as their “good times” or “normal times.” This is important information that can help your doctor make a correct diagnosis and offer treatment that can help you feel better.


Help your doctor help you

A correct diagnosis is the first step toward getting the treatment that is right for you. Bipolar depression is a form of depression that requires a different type of treatment. If you have questions about bipolar depression, be sure to talk with your doctor about it. Different treatments, including some new medications, along with your doctor’s support, can help people manage their symptoms over time.


What is bipolar depression?

Bipolar depression is part of bipolar disorder, a chronic but treatable illness. Sufferers typically have episodes of depression (“lows”) and episodes of increased energy, racing thoughts or anxiety (“highs”). Untreated bipolar depression can affect a person’s ability to function at work, participate in social activities, and maintain relationships. An accurate diagnosis and proper treatment can help patients with bipolar depression manage their symptoms and lead productive lives.

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