October 20, 2021

7 Tips For Travel Trips

7 Tips For Travel Trips

7 Tips For Travel Trips

We love to travel, whether it’s a short road trip or a long plane ride to a faraway exotic location. But too often we fail to plan our trip and the result is frustration and hassle.


1. For road trips, get the right maps and plan your route thoroughly. Not everything will go exactly according to plan, but at least you’ll have far fewer nasty surprises.

2. Never joke about bombs or terrorists at an airport security checkpoint. Many people have jokingly mentioned that they have a small bomb in their suitcase when checking their luggage. Later, at the police station, they deeply regretted their stupidity.

3. Be immediately suspicious at airports, train or bus stations if someone bumps into you. It could be a pickpocket. Also, be alert if something is spilt on you or a stain is pointed out on your clothing. These things should distract your attention from what is really going on: the theft of your valuables.

4. Although cruises simplify planning with their all-inclusive prices, there are probably many additional items you should plan for. These include taxes, surcharges and fees, gratuities, beverages, some shore excursions, shopping, etc.

5. The most obvious thing to check before travelling abroad is the weather conditions at your destination. You don’t want to arrive in a t-shirt when it’s snowing or a fur coat when it’s 90 degrees.

6. If you are travelling with children, take a recent photo of each child. If a child is lost, the photo will be invaluable in finding the child.

7. A trip to a theme park suffers from a lack of careful planning. Some parks are so large that planning is essential. Get a list of all the rides and a map of the park and the opening and closing times before you go.

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