October 20, 2021

5 Tips To Keep A Marriage Exciting

5 Tips To Keep A Marriage Exciting

5 Tips To Keep A Marriage Exciting

Preparations for the wedding are so exciting: you make preparations, draw up a plan for the future life together. But when the honeymoon is over, life begins. And while you may have the most beautiful marriage, even the most devoted couple will find that sometimes married life is, well, let’s say, not so exciting. I mean, let’s face it: you love each other, but spending all day with the same person leads to a lot of routine activities that, if you’re not careful, can strain your relationship and lead to both of you being unhappy with an otherwise very loving relationship.

Therefore, it’s important that couples don’t just sit back in the belief that a marriage will remain exciting on its own. Rather, it is important for spouses to take some basic steps to add some excitement to their relationship.


1. Have independent interests

You can’t have anything interesting to say if you are doing and experiencing the same things every moment. Having independent interests is not a sign of a weak marriage, as some newlyweds believe, but rather a sign of their strength. Having independent interests means that you can bring something unique to the conversations so that you both always have something interesting, even exciting, to say.


2. Spontaneous events

When you were dating, planning a spontaneous event seemed more innate. But the more comfortable we get in our relationships, and the busier we get with life’s obligations, the more we tend to rely on the strength of our relationships, neglecting spontaneity. So plan an afternoon or evening where something completely new happens. Try that show your partner has been wanting to see, or visit that new restaurant that just opened.


3. Never threaten to break up

This is not so much a rule to keep things exciting as it is to keep them solid. A relationship can only grow and stay exciting if both parties are convinced of their commitment to each other. Therefore, make it a rule between you and your partner to never threaten separation or divorce. Agree that if you threaten to break up, you should also walk out the door to make good on that threat. It’s a hard rule, but one that must be enforced if your relationship is to survive the ups and downs that are part of any marriage.


4. Weekend getaways

A surefire way to inject some romance into your marriage is to take a vacation just the two of you. But given the rigours of everyday life and the cost of travel, it can be difficult to justify an entire vacation. Instead, opt for a local vacation for one night. Plan dinner and a night out, and top it off with an overnight stay at a hotel. The cost isn’t that high when you consider how much joy a trip, no matter how small, can bring to a relationship.


5. Spice up the bedroom

The last tip to bring excitement into a relationship is to spice things up in the bedroom. Your sex life is closely related to the strength and satisfaction of your relationship. So try out a new position or even a sexual fantasy or adult toy with your partner, sharing something intimate and bringing some excitement to your marriage.

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