October 20, 2021

12 Steps To Acquire Mind Power

12 Steps To Acquire Mind Power

12 Steps To Acquire Mind Power

The 12 Steps To Acquire Mind Power are designed to help you build positive visualizations, gain mind power, and help achieve your dreams and desires, which can be as varied as improving your personality, increasing your wealth, attracting love, and increasing your attractiveness.

Follow the steps below, which I have found particularly helpful for anyone new to the Power of Creative Visualization.


Step One: Choose a quiet place that is free from any distractions, interruptions or disturbances. This can even be on a bus or in your own room. The idea is that you can concentrate in any environment you see fit. The ideal is to be able to concentrate in any environment you see fit. However, in my experience, the ideal time is early in the morning or before bed. However, the ideal place can be anywhere as long as you can concentrate.


Step Two: Feel comfortable. Put on loose clothing or loosen your belt and tie.


Step Three: Get comfortable. Keep your spine straight. Loosen your hands. Relax. This loosens your body tension and helps your blood circulate efficiently.


Step Four: close your eyes. This way you won’t be interrupted by your physical world and can focus on your spiritual world. However, avoid squeezing your eyes shut. Close them gently. Once you focus on your images, you will find that your eyes close naturally.


Step Five: Breath normally. Let your body resonate with the rhythm of your breathing. Listen to this rhythm.


Step Six: Now begin the process of visualization. Create the key images of your chosen theme. Shape the gestalt. Add colour to it. Form the sound. Feel them. Focus on them. See them as sharp and clear as you can with your mind’s eye.


Step Seven: Put yourself in the pictures you have created. You need to put yourself in the picture so that your subconscious mind knows that the image you see that leads to your goal is actually for you and not for someone else.


Step Eight: Feel the image you have created. Now that you are in the picture, imagine that you are leading

the time you see. Feel the environment. Observe how different it feels to live a life you had wanted. Let your images come to life.


Step Nine: experience the images with all your feelings. See! Hear! Smell! Feel how it feels to have achieved your goals. Let the excitement and happiness of success flow through you. Let the thrill of success rise up inside you. Feel your success.


Step ten: Once you have experienced your images with emotion, let your mind go blank. If you hold on to your images too long, the images may disappear due to overexposure. So let them go.


Step Eleven: create a space in your mind to receive what you desire. Tell yourself what you desire – for example, “I deserve to be healthy,” “I deserve to be rich and famous.” In this way, you not only let your subconscious support the image, but you literally achieve your success.


Step Twelve: be creative in creating the images. I have given you the basic guidelines for creating images in the following pages that will help you achieve your goals. You can modify them according to your needs. The more the images meet your specific needs, the more effective they will be.


So these are the twelve important steps to mind power. Remember that it is better to visualize 2-3 times a day for a shorter duration than to visualize for a long period of time during the day. This way the quality of the visualizations will stay fresh instead of becoming stale and monotonous and draining all the energy out of you.

Steps one through ten can take you anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. It’s better if you don’t prolong them. Instead, repeat them at another time of the day.

When you let go of the image after this short exercise, your mind becomes free of the mental power you activated. But your subconscious mind continues to support the image you saw. This helps your goal and dreams become reality.

The twelve steps to mind power that I explained above are the most powerful tool in this world. When you turn on your mind power and extend it to creative visualization to turn your dreams into reality – that’s exactly what will happen. Your dreams will become reality.

Remember: with your mind, you can control the world.

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